Monday, May 9, 2011

Book Review, Ammon by H.B. Moore

I was contacted by LDS writer H.B. Moore to do a review of her newest book Ammon.

Ammon is a historical fiction book about Ammon the missionary and his life.

I am not finished with the book yet, but my husband finished it and wrote this review on her book:

"HB Moore has taken the story of Ammon the missionary and created a novel that helps the reader see what might have actually happened. Through well-documented research Moore has tried to present the story of Ammon in a way that makes sense as a possible reality. Ammon and the other characters are brought to life through Moore's storytelling ability. The conflicts and complexities of what Ammon may have gone through are developed through Moore's writing. It is easy to visualize what life would have been like during the time of Ammon. The message of Ammon's story remains true to its source and allows the reader to think about a possible reality for the young man and his mission."

Ammon is available for purchase June 2011.  Check Deseret Book, Amazon or Seagull book.
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