Monday, August 15, 2011

Shopping for Back to School Supplies

This time of year I see a lot of posts from mom's complaining about the price of school supplies. I think moms get a little spend crazy when it's time for back to school. I'm as excited as anyone to have my house back to myself in 2 weeks, but do my kids really need all the supplies I see in the Sunday ads? Where is the best place to go for School Supplies?

First things first. You need to know that Wal-Mart price matches ads. That means if another store has a 12 pack of pencils for .25 you can get the same pack of pencils at Wal-Mart for .25. But here is a little known fact about Wal-Mart price match: If a store has their brand of item on sale (i.e. Office Max pencils) Wal-Mart will match that item with the Wal-Mart brand. This applies to anything that Wal-Mart brands, even Ice Cream (which is a really good ice cream by the way). Wal-Mart price match policy

Wal-Mart does NOT price match after rebate deals. So you will have to go to Staples to get the 1 cent deals if you want to go through the rebate mail in process. Wal-Mart also does not match % off deals or BOGO deals.

As for what is needed, you might not get a school supply list until the kids are back to school, so why spend money on things you think your child might possibly need for school? You can stock up on pencils, pens and paper because that is something you would use in your home regardless if you child needs it in school or not. Teachers here are always in need of boxes of tissues and glue sticks for the Elementary schools and colored pencils for Jr. High/ High school age.

Where to go is the 2nd part of the question and that depends a great deal on which stores are close by. Gas expense and time are HUGE factors in my decision making. Chances are you live near a Wal-Mart. If you find deals at a few different places, take all the ads into Wal-mart and price match. In the past I've noticed that the early "Back to School Deals" are not as good as the later ones.

After school starts this year, think ahead to next year. I knew my boys would need new backpacks, so I bought 2 online for $2.50 each, and I have a new one from last year for my Kindergartener.

On a thriftier note, things like pencils, sharpeners and rulers are often given out at county fairs by the local fire or police departments. They would look different from any other kids yellow pencils, so in theory, would never get taken. Thrifty living is all about thinking outside the box.
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  1. add to the list of what teachers always need: Clorox wipes


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