Wednesday, December 15, 2010

DIY "Homemade" scented wax warmer

I've been amazed that the popularity of these scented wax warmers (who shall remain nameless).

The warmers are price in the $30 range for the "brand name" ones, refill scents are $5 each (for scented wax!  It blows my mind!)

I was at Walmart today and saw that they sell warmers for $15 and refills for $2.  I know lots of people use the Walmart brand refills because they are so much less.

I would like a warmer, but I still have one of these old school candle warmers:
But I also a few of these dishes I picked up from my local thrift store this summer for .25 each:
My Thrifty mind started running.  This dish is VERY similar to the ones on top of the fancy warmers.  What if I put some wax in it and set it on my warmer?.........
My entire house smelt like Christmas Trees in about 20 minutes!

And the DIY Total Cost Tally is $2.25:
Warmer- Free (I already had one. I would estimate they run $5 if you can still find them.  I see them at the thrift store often)
Dish- .25
Refill- $2.00
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  1. Just the sort of brilliantly thrifty idea I was searching for! I found some homemade wax cubes at the local antique mall for $1 a piece and paired it with the candle warmer I already had and a 50 cent bowl from the goodwill. $1.50 for something that would have cost me almost $40! Thanks for the great idea!

  2. I do this! I also save by buying scented candles, melt them down and pour the melted candles in ice cube trays, let dry- and you have wax to melt for a fraction of the cost!

  3. i used an old automatic coffee pot, (it's about 7 yrs old) it has a timer; so I usually set it to start about 4 pm weekdays ....that way when i get home from work, I'm greeted by the smell of apples and cinnamon(my favorite scented wax).


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