Tuesday, January 15, 2013

31 steps to a financial tuneup

With all of us striving to be better in 2013, I thought I'd offer this 31 step check list I found on the NY Times so you can see how you are doing financially.

I love to watch shows, listen to talks, attend classes and read books about how to save money and get your finances in order. To me it's like putting a puzzle together, or like playing the game of LIFE.

Here is 31 step check list that you should look over to fine tune your finances. It was posted on the New York Times website. I think it's a really nice reminder for everyone. It doesn't take long to look over either.

I always feel when it comes to finances, unless you meet with a personal finance counselor, any advice you get will be generalized. So take a look at this list, pick and choose what will work for your situation, and try to pick a few that seem like a challenge.

One challenge we do every year is we choose one month, usually January, and we do not eat out at all that month. This makes us use our food storage and saves us money.
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