Friday, October 15, 2010

Birthday Email lists and freebies!

There are many email lists you can sign up for and get freebies on your birthday. Here are a few I'm signed up for:

Chuck E Cheese -Get a coupon for free tokens on your birthday. You can sign up all your kids and each one will get a coupon via email to them on their birthday. I then print them off and when I drive past Chuck E Cheese (with or without kids) I go in and cash in the coupon and then stash the tokens for when we acutally go. That way the coupon does not expire and we start to save on tokens. **Chuck E Cheese also give tokens for report cards. Bring in your childs report card and they give you 30 tokens for FREE! I've had one place tell me one time that your child needs to be there for that one, but I've done it alone numerous times and only have been told I need a child once.

Tucanos -Buy one get one meal coupon. This works out great if it's a place you would go for your "Birthday dinner" anyways.

Maggie Moos -Free medium icecream with mix in. They also send you coupons throughout the year and freebies when they introduce a new item, like their milkshakes.

Cold Stone -Free Like it size for adults, Free kiddie size for kids. You can upgrade to "Love it" for like 50 cents.

Boondocks -Free unlimited activity pass on your birthday. This is a KILLER deal if you have twins! The coupon is good DAY OF BIRTHDAY ONLY so plan accordingly.

Medieval Times -Buy one get one during the entire month of your birthday. This is a good deal if you are near a Medieval Times the month of your birthday. Sign up for their Birthday Club to get the email sent to you. **Notice that there are often MANY deals through Medieval Times and often they are better deals the the BOGO Birthday deals. Be sure to check the website. Last year we went during a "Kids Free" promo and saved a ton of money. For those of you who have never been to Medieval Times, it's a dinner/jousting show. You are served Dragon soup (Vegetable soup), 1/2 a small chicken, 2 ribs, garlic bread, a pastry and a soda with 1 refill. No utinsils are served, so it's just like during the Medieval Times. It's great fun! :)
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