Friday, October 22, 2010

Feature Friday, Thrifty Christmas gifts

Today's Feature Friday is from my sister-in-law Jill. Jill created personalized Christmas presents using her Cricut machine and tiles 8" tiles she bought at Lowes.

All she did was program her Cricut to the design she wanted and cut it out on her choice of vinyl. (black is featured)

Then she applied it to a 8" tile that she purchased at Lowes. Tiles this size usually run less then a dollar each.

I recieved the "inspire" tile (pictured above) for Christmas last year from Jill. Isn't it cute?!? She made one for all the sister-in-laws in the family and personalized the words to that person.

She then got all creative and made a few more to decorate her own home...

If you don't own a Cricut machine, chances are you have access to someone that does. Give them a call, give them the address to this post, and see if they can cut you something similar. You could do a princess castle on a pink-ish tile, or maybe a pirate ship or some pirate logo on a gray tile, sports balls, crowns, ballarinas....the possibilities are endless.

How neat would a "Last Name" tile be to give a close friend, newly married couple, or family member?

These tiles are WONDERFUL ideas for the person that has everything on your list. They are handmade, beautiful, simple and can't beat that!

Thanks for sharing Jill!

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