Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Black Friday Shopping Tips

The Savvy Shopper has some Black Friday shopping tips; HERE. So rather then typing up my own, I'll just touch on a few highlights of my own.....

One of the best tips she has listed, IMO, is to buy the wrong size or color. Because Black Friday is like throwing steak into a hungry shark tank, by the time you make your way through the crowd you will probably be left with the XXS or XXL size PJ pants or whatever you were looking to get. BUY THEM ANYWAY! You can exchange them later straight across WITH A RECEIPT.

Also remember to check the stores online ad. My mom and sister were attempting a Black Friday shop at Jo-Anns Fabric a few years ago...they were stuck in line forever, and getting the fabric you want it tough because the people before you need it cut first, so they might be carrying the bolt you want. (not to mention there was a "cut" line and a "checkout" line) While they were standing in the check out line, I was taunting them via telephone from my nice warm cozy computer room while I told them the fabric they wanted was available online at the same price with free shipping. (I'm evil, I know) he he he

I then purchased the fabrics I wanted, and when it arrived I got a little bonus! The fleece I purchased to make a blanket with was apparently the end of the bolt. They sent me the 3 yards I ordered plus another 2 1/4 yards for FREE! (I made a blanket out of the excess and donated it for the Walt Disney Give and Day get a day promo) ☺

Keep in mind Walmart price matches. But realize they WILL NOT have competitor items stocked in bulk.

If you would like a good deal, but are on the fence about "pulling the trigger" go shopping in the afternoon.
After the masses disperse, there are quite a few deals left to be had. And if you walk down random aisles you might find a doorbuster someone discarded after deciding they didn't want/need it. I found 2 Care Bears a few years ago hanging out in the paper plate aisle!

Checking the Customer Service Return pile might be worth a shot later in the day too. Sometimes people get into a feeding frenzy mode and buy it because it's a good deal. (I wouldn't know anything about that) LOL
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