Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Harry Potter 1-6 DVD or Blu-ray

Amazon has Harry Potter Movie Collection: Vol 1-6 for $40 (Blu-ray) or $24 (DVD). Free shipping with Prime (free student or parent/caregiver accounts available) or if you spend $25 or more. Use slick fillers to find other eligible items to help reach the $25 requirement. Next lowest on Google Products for DVD is $36 and $53 for Blu-ray.

You can also sign up for the FREE Amazon Moms Program.  And no, you don't have to be a "Mom".  Anyone can sign up. Once you sign up, you will get special coupon codes emailed to you.   You will also get a 3 Month Amazon Prime Membership for FREE!  That means FREE 2-day shipping on every single thing you order no matter the total cost!  So shipping on all of the items I listed above will ship free!  And on everything you buy through the holiday season!  AWESOME!!!!

**The Blind Side is still up for $3.99 and now they have Mama Mia for that price too, but it's almost sold out, so HURRY!
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