Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"Let me show you my Awesome Skills!"

So I went on a shopping spree today at Kohls.  I don't usually shop Kohl's because I feel it's hit or Ross (which I also shop infrequently).

I went armed with $40 total in Kohls cash.  My intent was to do what I always do when I get Kohl's gift cards in the only Vera Wang towels.  They are regularly $20 each, but are usually on sale for 50% off.  They are great towels, and there is NO WAY I'm paying $20 for a towel!  So it's a wonderful thing. :)

I decided I had time today to look around.  I only searched clearance racks in the women's and boy's sections.  I found a dress originally $54 marked down to $10.80
1 boys Tony Hawk button up shirt originally $26.00 marked down to $7.80
1 pair women's fitness workout shorts orig. 22.00 marked down to $4.40
and my 2 Vera Wang towels.

Here is my receipt.  It might be hard to read.....but do you see the circled number at the bottom?
That's right baby!!! I saved $139.00 AND my total cost was $3.18.

Booya!!!  And THAT my friends, is how it's done. ;)

LOL, I was so excited about this shop when it came back that I saved $139!  I just had to share with everyone.  Have you had any "Awesome Skills" moments lately?
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  1. so ya want to come down and do an enrichment night? you would soo rock!
    Melissa Payne


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