Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Those of you in Utah....feel like braving the cold???.....

Today is the last Wednesday of the month.  Which means...... FREE admission to the Hogle Zoo!

Last I looked, the high for today was suppose to be 17 degrees.  Anyone up for a free trip to the zoo? ☺ LOL

If you are like me, you are staying inside as much as possible today.  It might be a good time to jot down the remaining FREE days on your calender:
Dec. 29
Jan 26
Feb 23

Also don't forget December 13 is FREE admission to The Living Planet Aquarium.  If you "Like" them on Face book you can print off a $2 coupon if you can't make it to the sure-to-be madhouse on the 13th. ☺
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  1. My family and I braved the cold today. We were one of about 15 families there. There were enough indoor exhibits to walk through where the weather was not too bad. I brought a long a thermos of Hot Chocolate so my boys though it was way fun. Beautiful day, sunny, blue skies...but I didn't realize how much shade the zoo has! brrr! :)


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