Friday, December 17, 2010

Chadwicks order canceled?

 **UPDATE It appears that your order might have been canceled.  I ordered the comforter throw and it looks like it's been canceled.  And nothing was charged to my account.  I also ordered the ribbed tights and they have already been shipped.  So you might want to check your order status by logging in to you account.

This sometimes happens when a coupon code is put out and tons of people try to use it.  It's too bad that companies can't foresee that kind of thing and put limits on them.  But, in the end, it was worth a shot right?

Chadwicks has a $5 off $5 coupon  CHNEG5.  You can use this code on anything you like, but one option is to use this coupon code on  this Amethyst Sueded Comforter Throw Blanket. It's marked at $6.99 but with the $5 off code you get it for $1.99 with FREE shipping!

Another option is this Navy Tote with Matching Umbrella. It's marked at the same price as the throw so you can get it for $1.99 with FREE sipping also.

Here is a link for Textured Rib Tights for the same deal.

There are many other clearance deals you could use this coupon with.  This coupon is HOT right now.  Don't count on actually getting your items, (they often get canceled on deals like this) but it's worth a shot.
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  1. Dang it--that promotion code is no longer working. Bummer, since I thought that blanket would be handy.

  2. I just tried it with the blanket and then again with the tights and it worked fine. Maybe there was a glitch when you tried. Try it again, it should work.

  3. I'm probably just an idiot, but it keeps telling me that the code is expired or invalid. Is there a special place to enter in the code? Also, I noticed that if I click on the link, it takes me to and not chadwicks. Is that why I am having problems?? Sorry to keep bugging you.


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