Monday, December 27, 2010

After Christmas Deals I forgot to mention

My husband and I headed to Smith's this morning and realized among the deals on wrapping paper, candy, and decorations there were LED lights.

I didn't think to post about them being an after Christmas deal, but they were 75% off at Smiths.  Making a  $24.99 box marked down to $6.49!  LED lights are expensive, but they don't break, they save energy, they don't blow fuses and you can string a bunch together and still have enough power. The equivalent normal bulbs were on clearance for $2.49 so the LED's are really not that much more considering the benefits and the 5 year warranty on the GE brand we bought.

If you decide to upgrade some or your lights next year, you will be kicking yourself for not grabbing some right now while they are on clearance.  We bought 5 boxes.
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