Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Re-usable Hand Warmers Football fan gift or stocking stuffer

I was at Emergency Essentials last week to buy a gift.  While I was there, I saw these re-usable hand warmers:
You click the disk in the pouch and that activates the liquid and turns the liquid to solid crystals.  It stays warm for 2 hours.  They had one in the store to test, and it actually got quite hot!

After you are done using it, wrap it in a cloth or paper towel (like a burrito) and place it in a pan of boiling water. (The paper towel or cloth prevent the plastic from sticking to the bottom of the pan)  Boil it for 7-10 minutes until the crystals are completely gone and let cool.  Then it's ready to be used again!

They sell these for $2.95 each.  BUT if you buy 10 they are only $2.00 each. (I just verified this sale goes till the end of December)  One of the disposable hand warmers at the checkout was .99.  I thought this was a great deal, and they even include 10 cellophane bags with ties to give them in.

I took the Apron set from THIS past post, the hand warmers from this post, a package of U of U candy cane ornaments (which I actually bought on clearance after Christmas last year for 75% off), some goodies and a few beanie bears and made this gift basket for a football fan on my list!
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