Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Family Fun Magazine $2.99

**Mamapedia (similar to Groupon) is doing the same deal, but with coupon code "HOLIDAY3" for first time orders and it takes it down to $2.00.  Another code that has been reported as working is "FATWALLET4" that takes it down to $1.00. 
Tanga.com has 1 year of Family Fun Magazine for $2.99.
  1. Click HERE to add it to your cart. (The price will say $9.99....don't panic....)
  2. Click Buy it Now and on the next screen, under your email address it says "Coupon Code"  enter fun
  3. Click Update and that code will take off $7, making the total $2.99!
I love this magazine.  I currently subscribe, so this will be on top of my current subscription.  I might get double magazines one month, but that's easy to fix with a call to their Customer Support number.

I've bought a few magazines from Tanga and have gotten them all with no problems.  This would make a great gift for Christmas!  It won't be there for a few months, but you could make some cute "gift certificate" of home made card that tells the receiver that they have a 1 year subscription coming!

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