Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Overspending, Money and the Holidays....

This time of year we all have a little voice in the back of our heads saying...."What about money?  What about finances?  You over spent for Christmas..."  I think often times we tell that little voice "I'll deal with you in January."  New Years resolutions, Fresh starts and New Beginnings.

I wanted to dedicate a post to starting that new beginning NOW.

So I've come up with a list of things you can do now in order to shorten your list of New Years resolutions.

  1. Have you over spent for Christmas?  I have.  I admit it.  But here's the trick to that......KEEP SOME OF THE GIFTS AND USE THEM FOR BIRTHDAY PRESENTS.  You can even stash some of the gifts as friend presents when your child gets invited to a friend's birthday party. I am now proclaiming to have Christmas and an entire years worth of Birthdays shopped for.  Just because you bought something now doesn't mean they have to receive it now. states: "Unnecessary spending will take away from money that you will have for your children, for you home loan and yes even for that well earned (but affordable!) holiday."
  2. Do you have things you bought because they were a great deal and now you are second guessing the purchase?  You can donate the items and use them as a tax deduction.  Alternately NOW is the time to de-clutter your childs room for gently used toys or books and donate them.  Making way for new toys, de-cluttering your home AND getting a tax deduction in the process.  It's a win, win win.
  3. Items that you still have a receipt for you can still take back to the store.  It might not be too late! Most stores have a return policy of 60-90 days.  If you kept the receipt, you should have plenty of time to return the item.
  4. Let friends know what you have excess of.  Possibly they have been looking for that exact item and haven't been able to find it anywhere. They might be willing to buy it off you.
By spreading your gifts out all year, offering friends to buy off you, or even returning items to the store you are lowering your spending amount.

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