Monday, December 6, 2010

Re-purpose, re-use and save $$$$

Do you re-use zip-loc bags?  Use them, rinse them out, let them dry and then re-use them? to. (unless they have had something wet in them, like meat or cheese)  Zip-loc bags  are WAY too expensive to use once then throw out!

Have heard about a new product on the market called a "Countertop bag dryer" or "Bag Dryer"?  I read about them in a magazine and was instantly sold on the idea....just not the price.  The idea behind these little beauties is to give you a place to keep your baggies while they dry.  By suspending them open in the air, they dry faster.

Here is a photo of a "telescoping bag dryer"on Amazon.

All the bag dryers on this post are sold on Amazon for about $20 each.

And here is my "Thrifty 101" version:

I knew I could come up with something that would work for less money!  This is actually a picture holder.  Each star has a little clip on the back (similar to the previous picture) to hold photos. 

I place the baggies over one or a few of the stars depending on the size of the bags.  When they are dry, I put them away to reuse them another time.

I purchased this star picture holder, aka "Baggie Dryer" at the local thrift store for $1.50 new in the package.

Who said unwanted Christmas gifts are useless!?!
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  1. cool... but I actually use reusable cloth baggies! we have saved a ton on lunches since we bought them!!! If I had the time I would have made them... but well.... :)
    We also have paper-less paper towels. (cloth napkins)


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