Monday, January 24, 2011

Boneless Skinless Chicken Breast deal at Macey's $1.28 a pound!!

Macey's Grocery Store has a deal on their Super Saver packages of Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts...
$1.28 a pound!!!!!!!! 
The current deal is $1.28 a pound.  This is a great deal.  BUT WAIT!.....If you live in or near Provo, they will be cheaper on Wednesday (1 day sale) at another grocer . I will post details on where as soon as I can. If you don't want to save .10/pound go ahead an purchase this deal, it's still a great deal. :)
(I am going to purchase this deal because it's not worth the savings for me to drive down to Provo.)

The "Super Saver Packages" are 40 lb boxes of Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts.
Make sure you have lots of zip-loc freezer bags so you can split the chicken into smaller portions and freeze them individually.  I usually section them out into 2,3 and 4 breast packages.
If you don't think you will use 40 lb of Chicken you could split a box with a friend or neighbor.  The box is packaged in 4 10 pound bags, so it would be easy to divvy them up.

**These are semi-frozen breasts.  They are not individually "Flash Frozen".  They come in 4 10 lb bags.  It's a slimy mess, but well worth it! :) 
**Be sure to call ahead.  The ad only lists UT county locations.  I did call Midvale this morning and they said they had the same price.  I'd hate for people to drive there and not get this great price! :)
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  1. Will the 40lb box of Chicken be the "Flash Frozen" chicken so each piece is individually frozen? Or will it all be stuck together and hard to get apart?
    :) Thank you for the heads up!!

  2. They are not "Flash Frozen". They come in 10 lb bags. I've never had them frozen together though. They are usually defrosted and the 10 lb bag has juice in the bottom. So it's a slimy mess, but totally worth it! :) If some of them are frozen together, I'd just put the box in my garage for a few hours. It's cold enough to be a fridge, but they should thaw out.


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