Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Smith's Clearance!

 Holy cow!! I just got back from Smiths in Lehi, UT (I went for milk) and scored some AWESOME deals on clearance items plus coupons!

They had MANY dairy products on clearance.
1% milk for $1.09 a gallon, and Skim milk for .99!  The 1% expires 1/6/11.
I didn't look at the skim milk (not a fan of skim)

And here are all the deals from the "clearance cart" that I grabbed:

CRACK....that's my knuckles prepping for this list!.....
All prices are AFTER I applied coupons to them:

Honey Nut Cheerios 25.25oz $2.49 was $5.99(I've done better, but hey, that's a HUGE box of cereal!)
Cinnamon toast crunch $2.00 was $4.99 (also done better, but my coupon was off 2 GM cereals)
Fabreeze air fresheners .50 was $2.49
Fancy Feast 24 pack wet cat food $6.46 was $14.99 (that's about .27 a can!!!)
Glade holiday scents (3 on far right) .09 was $1.24
Fabreeze candle $1.00 was $4.99
Fabreese set & refresh .29 was $2.49
Glade plug in & refill .69 was $1.39  I'm going to use these as neighbor gifts next Christmas.  I'm going to play on the word "scent"....We wanted to "scent" you a gift....or something cheesy like that.
This is a perfect example of why you should have your coupons organized and take them with you.  I blogged about coupon organization HERE.  And again having multiple Sunday coupon inserts comes in VERY handy when you hit clearance items like this!
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