Monday, January 31, 2011

Smith's Coupon match up until 2/1

Savvy Shopper put up a list of the coupons that came out yesterday and how they match up with Smith's Game Day sale. (Thanks for not making me do the work! ;)

Some of the deals are:
.75 Colgate tooth paste
.69 I can't believe it's not butter
.39 Bar S Franks
FREE Whisker Lickin' Cat Treats
$1.74 Reynold's Tin Foil
and much more.
*Most of these deals are part of the "Buy 10 get $5 off" promo. They allow you to mix and match for your 10 items, so just be aware of how many you need to get that $5 off at the end.  And YES, you can stack coupons on a "10 for" deal.
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