Saturday, February 26, 2011

$5 Smiths credit from Pillsbury

The annual Pillsbury Bake-off is happening right now.  You can click HERE to enter a unique recipe for a chance to win....wait for it.....*pinkey goes to mouth like Dr. Evil....ONE....MILLION....DOLLARS! :)

Okay, what are the chances right?  Here's what qualifies this deal as "Thrifty"....if you submit a recipe, you will get a $5 credit on your Smith's (or any Kroger affiliate) shoppers card!!  I did this deal 2 days ago, got the credit and used it today for groceries at Smith's.
  1. Click THIS LINK to Pillsbury.
  2. **Make sure you use the same address that is associated with your Shoppers Card or you won't get the credit!  I had to call Pillsbury and correct my me, I'm saving you the hassle.
  3. Submit your recipe.
  4. After you submit your recipe, you will see a Smith's icon that says "Claim $5 coupon". Click on it and it will be loaded onto your account digitally.
It's that easy!

On a side note, I went to Smith's today, I used the $5 Pillsbury Bake-off $5 credit, 2 $3 Daytona coupons from earlier this week and a ton of other coupons and spent $32 for a $78 order.  PLUS I got another $3 Daytona coupon for buying 10 Fruit Snacks, and another $3 coupon from General Mills printed out at the register!  I then made my way to the electronics section to pick up a Wii Nun-chuck (that my boys tell me we NEED....whatever).  They are NEVER on sale, so I grabbed one for $19.99 and use both $3 credits so I got $6 off the Nun-chuck!

See, it does pay to be Thrifty!  :)
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