Thursday, February 24, 2011

DIY Thrifty Thursday

 It's Thursday again!  Time for another round of DIY Thrifty Thursday feature!
*If you are looking for the Linky party.....Linky tools has started charging for use, so we have postponed having the link party until further notice.
This week Jill sent me this super cute Tag Blanket she made for her son.
 She used scrap pieces of material and ribbon she had at home.  She pinned the ribbon on the outside of the blanket where she wanted them.  Then she put the right sides of the blanket together and sewed the edges leaving a gap to turn it right side out.
 Here it is turned right side out with all the edges sewn closed.
 Then she added this ADORABLE Peek-a-Boo Lion
 Seriously, how cute is that!??!
And here is the back side with scraps she had on hand.

What a great use of things you already own!  She could have just tossed all the scraps but she got creative and created a cute little Tab Blanket that her son LOVES!!

Great Job Jill!!  Thanks for sharing! :)

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  1. Hi
    Isn't there a linky party going on today??I Can't find the party..Could you please help me?

  2. Hi Barb, thanks for checking in! :) Unfortunately, I was just getting started on the Linky party idea when they started charging to use their Links. I am still featuring projects I find or ones that people email to me at
    I explained it all here:

    I'd love to feature your projects and link back to you blog, just shoot me an email. :)


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