Monday, February 21, 2011

National Nutrition Month and Yoplait

My Spring Cleaning series has really motivated me to de clutter and get organized. I'm ready to take it to the next level....

Yesterday I saw a Yoplait commercial for their "Two Week Tune Up" challenge.  I've looked into that plan  on their facebook page HERE.

I know there are reasons to eat yogurt, but I was surprised to learn that Yoplait had 50% more Calcium then other brands.  They come in a HUGE assortment of flavors, with fiber, whipped and even dessert flavors.  They even have cute little kid-size yogurts with Lightening McQueen and Dora on them.  And the kids Yoplait yogurts have 25% LESS sugar then other leading kid brand yogurts.  My kids love yogurt.  I'm not a yogurt fan, but with the new flavors out I might have to give it another shot!

March is National Nutrition Month and with the Yoplait Two Week Tuneup challenge I can start working this Spring to get "beach ready" by this summer!
I'm not saying I'm training for a marathon, I'm just looking to get back in shape.  Last year I ran 2 5K races for the first time in my life.  I know I can do it,  I just need a challenge.  This looks perfect to me!

To find out more about Yoplait, Nutrution facts, Heath tips and the "Two Week Tuneup" challenge check out their Facebook page.

“I was provided with product information and the opportunity to win a Yoplait prize pack, courtesy of Yoplait through MyBlogSpark.” 
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