Thursday, March 31, 2011

Be Aware of your surroundings

I'm going a little off subject from what my blog is about to share with you 2 situations I was in last week and a dream I had last night that inspired me to write this post.
  1. As you may have read, I went to a finance seminar on Saturday in downtown SLC.  I went alone, and parked about 3 blocks away from the hotel because I knew a lot there was cheaper then hotel parking.  It was early and that part of SLC was empty.  When I returned to my car I realized I was the only one on the street.  I planned out my walking path so that I was walking down the side of the street that had the most open storefront doors so if I felt unsafe I could step in one of those stores.  I also checked over my shoulder a few times to make sure no one was following me.  Nothing happened, but it was a little creepy.
  2. Yesterday I was doing something upstairs when the doorbell rang.  My 3 boys ran to the door, didn't know who it was and OPENED IT!  I hear a man say "Is your mom or dad home?" then my boys start to yell "Mom it's for you".  When I came downstairs I see 2 athletic men standing inside my screen door with my house door wide open.  They were literally 90% in my house already.  They were only solicitors, but what if they had other intentions?  My kids left the door open, they already had the screen door open and they know I'm at home with 3 small boys and can probably assume that my husband is not at home.  I told them I wasn't interested in anything and literally shut the door in their face. (I'm usually more polite, but this method really seemed to do the trick! ha ha) Then the same sudden panic set in like it did in SLC.  They know I'm home alone, I just shut the door in their face.....I locked the deadbolt as soon as the door was shut and watched them walk away.
Now for my dream....
  I'm sure it's a combination of the feelings I felt during the above events put out by my subconscious in a dream. (how scientific did that sound? LOL)

So in my dream, my sister and I are walking down a street and I notice a non-threatening guy walking behind us.  He takes all the turns we do and I think to myself "That is funny that we seem to be headed in the same direction."  We get to the apartment and head up the stairs and I notice him in the lobby behind us.  At this point I start to panic.  I get my sister and myself in the apartment and immediately lock the deadbolt behind us when BAM the door gets a hard police kick to it.  I check the peephole and it's the guy that was following us and I start to scream at the door but to my sister "CALL 911!, CALL 911...." when BAM the door gets hit again.  I'm still screaming "CALL 911!" and check the peep hole again.  The man has backed away from the door in a panic and I'm thinking he's going to run down the stairs and out the front door of the lobby, but he runs up the stairs to the next level...........does he live here too?  Is he going to hide out until the police leave and come back?.........then I wake up in a panic.

The thing these 3 stories have in common is a sense of awareness.  I thought ahead in SLC to plan the safest  walking route.  I locked the door immediately after the solicitors left (yes, I had a LONG talk with my boys about opening the door to strangers) and even in my dream I was aware that the guy was following us.  I used the peep hole and when he probably expected me to open the door after the first kick is when he did the second kick.  They only need the knob turned and one kick will send your door open and you flying into the wall behind you giving them full access to your home.

I'm a complete believer in Women's self defense.  I'm not talking Karate or anything like that (although they are also amazing) but I'm talking about what to do if you are approached, being followed, taken or just have an instinct that something isn't right.

Last year I took the RAD Women's training at my local rec. center.  (Rape Aggression Defense for Women) and it was a wonderful program.  I recommend everyone look into some type of self defense class.

Here is a video of some of the things you will learn:
It's very empowering and makes you aware of your surrounding and gives you confidence that you have the tools you need to get away.
If any of you have Jr. High or High School kids, girls especially I highly recommend this course.

Check with your local Police Stations, Rec Centers, University and Cities to find a class in your area.
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  1. Thanks for sharing this! Great reminder to all of us!


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