Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How much stuff do you have?

So I was kind of MIA yesterday on the blog.  I was helping my sister move.  I offered to help because we have an expedition and I figured "More hands means less work" and "bigger car means fewer trips".  I ended up driving 3 loads back and forth from her town home to her house.  I was there for almost 3 hours loading and unloading.  She and her husband are moving from a town house to a rental house.  So they will have more room, a garage and a small yard.

Her husband and his friend were loading all the furniture in a truck and we took care of the other stuff.  As we loaded up all the "small stuff" which was mostly emptying clothes out of closets and kitchen of food and pots.  All this moving got me thinking about necessities in life.

If you had to move today......what would you leave behind or sell?  Clothes you haven't worn for years, shoes you forgot you had, clothes that "might fit me one day", extra coats, craft items, random appliances....the list goes on and on.

So my question to you is.....If we would be willing to leave it behind or sell, why is it still in the house?

I kept thinking of moving my stuff to a new house.....it wasn't a pretty thought.  Toys, books, crafts, shoes, clothes, food storage.....yikes.

There is a thin line between getting deals on things you need and getting a deal because it's a deal.
Helping my sister move was a good reminder to second guess every purchase before buying it.  I'm definitely going to continue my de-clutter mission.   I fear it is a never ending process, but progress is the goal, so anything is an achievement!
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  1. I hear you! I feel like I am always simplifying but the stuff seems to still be lurking around. I join you in the organizing/ downsizing mission. In fact I am going to go organize something right now. Even though it is more fun to talk about over a blog and some coffee. He He!

  2. I'm thinking a yard sale is definitely needed this year. So many craft supplies sitting unused...not to mention just too much 'stuff.' Thanks for the motivation, Michelle!

  3. Good for you Jenn! I hope it went well. We worked our butts off last weekend to clean the house and now it's almost the weekend again!


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