Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Smith's March to Savings starts today

Smiths is doing their March to Savings event.  You get $50 off instantly with the purchase of 10 participating items.  Here are some of the featured deals.  All prices are after buying 10 items:

Powerade .39
American Beauty 16 oz pasta $0.49
Ronzoni Pasta 12-14 oz $0.49
Bumble Bee Tuna 2.5 oz pouch $0.49
2 liter Coke product $0.89
Sunny Delight 64 oz $0.89
Capri Sun 10 count $1.49
Nabisco crackers or Chips Ahoy $1.99

They also have a deal where if you purchase 4 boxes of Kellogg's cereal for $2.50 each ($10 total) you get 2 gallons of milk FREE!

Here's the sinario I used:
$10.00    4 packages of Fruit Loops (my FAVORITE)
$4.40       total for 2 gallons of milk
$4.00       total for 2 packages of Chips Ahoy (part of the 10 mix and match)
$18.40 BEFORE coupons.......
-$2.00 for a coupon "save $1 w/purchase of 1 pack of Nabisco cookies and 1 gallon milk" I had 2 coupons
-$4.40 free milk from Kelloggs
-$2.00 for a coupon "save $1 off purchase of 2 boxes of Kelloggs" I had 2

GRAND TOTAL: $10 for 4 packages of Fruit Loops, 2 gallons of milk and 2 packs of Chips Ahoy.  That averages $1.25 each item!

People were stocking up on Powerade by the case.  Multiple carts stocked full of cases of powerade.  The pasta was pretty picked over (I bought a ton of small shells, I like them better then elbow, they are funner to eat.) ?  lol

The Ronzoni pasta was also a popular item, lots of women grabbing that stuff.

I didn't see anything else that was flying off the shelves.  But remember if you do go and they are out of what you want, GET A RAIN CHECK!!  I used a rain check today on Peanut Butter that was on sale last week for $0.99.  I tried 3 different times and ended up getting a rain check on the last day.  I wish I would have gotten a rain check every time I went it.  They put a limit of 10 on my rain check. :(  I could have gotten 3 rain checks worth 30 cans of peanut butter.  Oh well, I'm happy I at least got 10.

If you want a complete list of coupon match ups at Smith's, click HERE.

Happy Shopping!
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