Friday, March 18, 2011

Target Clearance Clothes

I just got back from a trip to Target.  I know where all the clearance items are stashed in my store, and did a quick run through of  some Clearance areas (not women's, men's or girl's).  I always start in the boys clothing because I have 3 boys.
Look what I found for $2.48 each!!!
 They are all long sleeve so I'm guessing they are on clearance to make room for spring/summer clothes.  But they are all character printed!  My boys are going to LOVE them!!  Especially the Lego Batman one. :)

If anyone goes to their local Target and finds winter-type clothes on sale, come back here and post where you found them!  This was at the AF, UT store.

A few other deals I found were:
  • 21 lb box of Fresh Step cat litter for $6.63 (From what I can tell they are moving them out to sell 25 lb ones instead)
  • There were a TON of Air Wick air freshener candles, plug in refills, aerosols all on clearance for as low as $1.43.  
  • Plug in Air Wick motion sensors with refill for $3.53
  • I saw a few children's winter coats
  • Lots of long sleeved shirts for older kids, most were Shaun White, skateboard, baseball type themed.
What I didn't buy, as I walked around Target in my awesome "after the gym" look, was the package of French Onion Sun Chips that was calling my name.  YAY ME!!!!  I didn't eat breakfast before I went to the gym and I SO wanted to buy them and have 1/2 the package gone by the time I got home.

I took a step back and said "I can use the $3 (yes, they were even on sale!  Trust me, it was tempting) toward the purchase of my Cricut that I want."  I also did quick math on what I burned off at the gym and what those would put back on....that helped a little. ;)
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  1. Don't you just love finding great clearance deals? I love buying really discounted clothes for Handy Boy!


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