Monday, March 28, 2011

Utah Money Watchers Conference

I won tickets to and was able to attend the Utah Money Watchers Conference in downtown SLC on Saturday. I had so much fun!  My kids were in heaven when I unloaded all the SWAG I picked up for them. :)

I had an amazing lunch, learned some new things, and got some awesome websites to share with everyone.
  • - This is the "Google" of finance questions.  You can search for any topic related to money, savings, spending, retirement, budgets and even life stages.  This is a Utah based website, but finance info is the same in any state, unless you search a question specific to living in Utah the info should be all encompassing.
  • - Is a WONDERFUL resource to help your kids learn about finances and how to save and spend money.  They have age appropriate lessons and activities for K-12.
  • - This is the place to get your FREE annual credit reports.  Other sites that claim to be "free" are NOT free at all.  (i.e. "" is not "free")
  • - Has a credit dispute letter format if you find anything wrong with your report.
  • - This site has calculators you can use to determine the amount of money you will need for future purchases or retirement.
  • - Has a list of ways to improve your credit score
  • - You can check this site to make sure that people you want to invest money with are registered with the state of Utah. (search your state and securities if you are outside of UT)
  • - This is a great site for all around financial information and tips. 
Many people have told me their idea of fun on a Saturday morning is NOT to go to a finance seminar.  I enjoy learning about money, what to do with it, how to save it, how to invest it and I love being able to share my finding with others.

I hope you find these sites useful.  If you are overwhelmed by finances in general, start with the site.  It really motivated me to incorporate ways to teach my kids about money.
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