Friday, April 29, 2011

.99 Silver Level tan at Palm Beach Tan locations

I went to Palm Beach Tan today to get my FREE spray-on tan.  It was quick, easy.....and FREE! :)
While I was there I asked about a promotion they have until May 1. (Sunday)  The deal is for .99 Silver level tans.  The Silver Level beds are "Full Sun" beds.  I'm guessing that it doesn't filter out the "bad" rays. (?)  I'm not a tanning salon person, so I'm not sure on the techs. of it all. :)

I was told that for the .99 Silver Level Tan you can pay for it before the promo ends and use it anytime there after.  

Some of you might be looking to "prep" your skin before summer so you don't burn the first time you go outside and for .99 a session, this might be just what you are looking for.  Again, I don't know the UV factors at all, so be sure you check that before you do it. 

Palm Beach Tan locations

And don't forget the FREE Spray-on Tan coupon HERE. Valid at a number of different salons throughout the US.
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