Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Classic Flyer Tricycle $19.99

WOW! has a Classic Flyer Tricycle (Radio Flyer wanna-be) for $19.99!

Shipping is $5.99 or free if you purchase $25 FROM THE SAME SELLER.

*Note, there are no Amazon reviews on this product yet.  HERE is a list of only 12 reviews that I found on Walmart (which doesn't carry this item anymore)

My opinion is split on this deal.  If you have been looking for this type of bike, $19.99 is a great price.  Based on reviews, I don't think the original price tag was $99.99.  Amazon does not control what individual sellers list there original price at.  Because it is a "wanna-be" I would be skeptical of the craftsmanship.  But then again for $20, it would be fun for a child for at least the summer and it would make a good gift. 
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