Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Cricut cartridges as low as $17.95 each

Cricut is having an Easter Sale on their Machines, Accessories, Cartridges and more.

I found 3 that I liked, 2 were $17.95 and the other was $22.95.  I double checked prices on ebay and Amazon against the Cricut direct prices and they were MUCH cheaper on this sale. (about $10 cheaper)  Shipping for 3 cartridges was $7.

I have heard that around Mother's day Cricut stuff goes on sale.  So I'm not sure if this deal is as good as it might be for Mother's day, but I thought it was a great price for cartridges. 
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  1. Thank you for the tip! I need to get the cricut so badly!

    Do check out the Urban Walls giveaway! A chance to win $40 store credit to get a vinyl decal of your choice.

  2. thank u! i love cricut! i also love my big shot cause u can cut fabric, and more with it!!! sizzix has "tuesday teasers" and an outlet sale all the time!


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