Friday, April 1, 2011

I am determined to prove I am Super Woman today...

I love to be busy and multitask, I see it as a challenge.  But today I really bit off more then I can chew....

"You are not Super can't do it all..."  I WISH I would have told myself that when I woke up this morning.  Here is the list of things I've decided to accomplish by noon tomorrow:
  1. Clean my house.  I'm talking "I'm hosing a lunch/birthday party for extended family tomorrow" clean.
  2. Eliminate any dust and/or cat hair from my house
  3. Prep food for the party
  4. Make fun "April Fools" treats for my kid's lunches
  5. Make "Dirt Cups" for preschool treat
  6. Go to the 5th grade state fair
  7. Go to Lowe's and purchase a 4' X 8' piece of wood
  8. Cut and paint said piece of wood and make a new outdoor table for the party TOMORROW
  9. Find some amazing deals and post them on Thrifty 101
  10. Get an awesome giveaway together for reaching our 200th visitor milestone!!!!
  11. Figure something out for dinner. (I think I might be calling Domino's and using a gift card I have)
  12. Do some work for my FIL (I do the accounting and office managing for his business from my home)
  13. Pick up preschooler and make him lunch.....maybe he can help me paint.....
  14. Bake and decorate a birthday cake
  15. Wrap presents
Okay, Okay.....I'm going! Wish me luck!
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