Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Newspaper subscriptions, More coupons, More savings

 Do you get the Sunday paper?  I'm sure (since you are reading Thrifty 101) that you know about the coupon inserts in every Sunday paper.   BUT, did you know this week there will be double the amount of coupon inserts this Sunday April 17?  If you get multiple subscriptions, and double coupons in each paper....just think of the savings!

Utah readers can sign up by Thursday and get your new Sunday paper subscription that Sunday!

Thrifty 101 readers can get the best rate on 4 major Utah papers; the Provo Daily Herald, Salt Lake Tribune, Deseret News or the Ogden Standard Examiner.  The Thrifty101 discount is a special discount you can only get by calling Debbie at the # below and requesting the Thrifty 101 rate. You can see a breakdown of the rates HERE.

Give Debbie a call at 1-801-344-2959 to order any of the papers at the discounted Thrifty 101 rate, be sure to tell her you saw the discount on Thrifty 101 so you can get the discounted rate.

Here is a quick breakdown of cost/savings ratio for those of you wondering if it's worth it to order a subscription:

The cost per paper is around $1.00 a week or less.  The average value of coupons in each copy  of the paper is  about $100-$150.  Even if you only used one $1 coupon out of every paper you have paid for that weeks subscription  That means for 5 copies (as an example) you would pay only $5.00 for $500-$750 in coupons a week.  But, there's still almost $750 worth of coupons you could still use for free!

Given, you are not going to use every coupon in your paper.  But if you only used 25% of the coupons that came in one weeks worth of the paper that means the savings would be $125-$187 dollars and it only cost them $5!!! (based on a 5 subscriptions)  WOW - The savings are amazing.

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