Friday, May 6, 2011

10 tips for a better Garage Sale

It's Garage Sale Season!
Garage sales are a great way to make some extra income and also a great way to score some great finds.  Kids items are great things to pick up at garage sales.  Be sure to look closely at toys and clothes.  Some times you can find clothes with tags still on them!

Another great find is furniture, especially if you are into re finishing furniture.  Storage items (tupperware containers, book shelves, storage shelves are usually easy finds.

If you are planning on having a Garage sale, here are a few tips to having a great garage sale turn out.
  1. Start gathering items that are worth selling.  This is a great way to de clutter and Spring clean. 
  2. Get together with other families. "Multi-family" or "Neighborhood" garage sales draw more people then single sales do.
  3. Make simple, clean, easy to read at-a-glance signs.  Bright colors (all the same color) or balloons are good ideas. Small writing when you are driving by in a car is too hard to read.  Post the address and an arrow.  You can highlight a few of the best items if you want, but keep it simple.
  4. List your garage sale on free local sites, or craigs list
  5. Also, you might want to check and see how much you could get for your large items on Craig's list or local classifieds. (ksl in UT)  The basic rule is you can get more for your item that way (or ebay for smaller items or collectibles) then via a garage sale.
  6. Make sure your items are clean and in good working order.
  7. Display items on tables, fold clothing and arrange in order of size.
  8. Price all your items, and price them to sell.  Ask yourself what you would pay for that item and use that price.  Realize people might haggle you on the price, or try to "bundle" items.  Your goal is to de-clutter your home and make a little money.....keep your perspective.
  9. Clearly mark your large items with a paper sign with the price written with a marker
  10. Consider lowering your prices if things are not selling or you are getting near the end of your sale.
These tips are based on my experience selling and buying things at garage sales.  Have fun, and happy hunting!
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  1. Great tips! And perfect timing - I'm planning to have a yard sale next weekend. :)

  2. Thanks! I'm planning a sale in a few weeks!


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