Wednesday, May 18, 2011

8 Quiznos subs for $26 (punch card) PLUS 215 Swagbucks

Groupon has a deal on a Quiznos Punch Card (8 regular sandwich punches) for $26.  That makes each sandwich $3.25.  My husband is going to be so excited!

Groupon voucher needs to be exchanged at the location you choose for punch passes by July 4 and once you get your punch card, it never expires, but is ONLY VALID at the location you chose when you purchased it.

If you are not a Swagbucks member you can click HERE to sign up and start earning "swagbucks" to purchase giftcards.  There are thousands of giftcards to choose from.

If you are anti-Swagbucks, you can click HERE and buy it directly from Groupon.
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