Wednesday, May 25, 2011

DIY; How to temporarily fix a trampoline frame

We bought the above trampoline from Walmart 2 years ago.  It's a Skywalker 15' with enclosure.  It's been a great trampoline.  2 days ago one of the screws that hold the frame to the leg came out and it got bounced on where it was not supported and bent.  It bent so bad that the only way to fix it was to break it and start over or buy new parts for it.

It turns out parts for this model (STCW15N) are VERY hard to come by.  *My suggestion if you are thinking of purchasing a trampoline is to buy one that is sold a many different stores.  Walmart is the only store that I can find that sells this package and they are not carrying them anymore.

So my options were, purchase a new trampoline and sell this one off as parts or try to fix this one so it at least works for this season.  I chose the latter.  If it didn't work then I'd sell it for parts. :)

I didn't document the process because I wasn't sure it was going to work.  I'm happy to report that IT DID WORK!!!!!  My husband said that my Macgyver work has now made the frame stronger then it was when we bought it.☺

  1. I started off with a trip to Home Depot.  I had no idea what I was looking for, so I headed to the metal section first and found some chain link fence pieces, galvanized steel spikes (near the bolt and nut section), carriage bolt, nut and washer.  I already had some re-bar at home in the garage. (I used it to support my Halloween Witch decoration)
  2. I broke the bent piece off completely by bending them backwards from where it cracked.  
  3. Then I inserted 2-3 re-bar poles 1/2 into the existing frame and 1/2 into the broken frame so that the re-bar ran straight across the break.
  4. I used 2 12" galvanized steel spikes and another re-bar for support under the break that was in the middle of the frame.
  5. Duck Tape was used to temporarily attach everything until I could get the chain link clamps on.

So here is the end results:
 This is the middle break that is supported with the spikes and re-bar.  We did end up losing 1 spring that is suppose to be right where it broke. (in between the middle and right clamps)  Also note the dog chain we have around the legs.  This is attached to our deck supports because we get strong winds here quite often.
 Here is where it broke off near the support leg.  You can see how it doesn't quite line up.
And here is a shot of our cat Gandalf doing a weight test for the photo. ;)

So all-in-all I think it turned out great.  It should last this season at least (hopefully more) and with people and weight restrictions strictly enforced, my kids should be able to bounce their little hearts out a while longer.

Total money saved: about $100 in parts or about $250 for a new trampoline.
Pretty Thrifty no?
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  1. i went to an auto parts store and a piece of tailpipe and clamps. worked out great.


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