Sunday, May 15, 2011

Don't forget your FREE Strawberry Lemonade coupon!

WOW!!!!!! - Be sure to check your Parade Magazine in the Sunday Newspaper  for a  
FREE Mcdonald's Strawberry Lemonade coupon!  

I posted a printable coupon for $1 off these drinks yesterday, but as you may have noticed, your print outs on internet coupons are limited per computer. On Sunday I will be getting 3 coupons for FREE Strawberry Lemonade! YAY!!

Getting multiple subscriptions to your local paper means you get duplicates of every coupon.  This really comes in handy with the high value coupons, like this free lemonade.  Yesterday I used 3 Buy 2 get one free Crystal Light coupons (that I got from my 3 newspaper subscriptions) with the Smiths 10 item mega event and ended up getting each package of Crystal Light for .75 each!

Other deals in the inserts this Sunday are coupons that  will make for FREE and Hot Deals at Smiths Mega Event sale, FREE & Hot Deals at Walmart and a totally FREE PRODUCT COUPON!

Inserts this week will be:
1 Smart Source
1Red Plum (if you get the Red Plum in your paper)

**Utah Readers you can get the lowest rate for your local paper by  
calling Debbie at 801-344-2959 and asking for the Thrifty 101 discount.** 
To get the Trib/News YOU MUST CALL By Tonight.  For any other UT newspapers you must call by and Thursday Morning for your paper to be guaranteed to start this Sunday. 
~You can view Thrifty 101 discount rates HERE.~
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