Saturday, April 7, 2012

Utah Readers: Pass of all Passes $9.99 LIVE NOW!!!

SOLD OUT "As of today (4/7/12) we are not selling any more Pass of All Passes.  We are still redeeming vouchers though". -A sign on Trafalga's door this morning.
This deal is LIVE again!!! HURRY!

Click HERE to purchase a gift card for purchase of a "Pass of all Passes" pass for just $9.99.

There is another deal for $29.94 each with a $20 City Deals credit HERE.

If you are having problems with the website, just email them tonight and let them know you tried it and they will honor this deal tomorrow when they contact you. This is from their FB page:
"Hey Y'all! We understand that a few of you have been experiencing a few problems while attempting to make purchases today. This issue is due to site traffic being much higher than usual. If you are unable to complete a purchase please send us an email explaining the error you are receiving to
We will then reach out to you first thing tomorrow. In the meantime you may attempt to place your order through a seperate browser or computer. Sorry for the inconvenience everyone!"

City Deals has an AMAZING customer service department. I PROMISE you don't have to stress or worry about ANYTHING with them. Shoot them an email and they'll make it right.
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  1. I just saw this on your blog today. How did you find out about it? You said it didn't show up on the City Deals website, I just wanted to watch for it to see if they do it again. Thanks.

  2. Hi

    I had sent a mail to customerservice to confirm if the offer was valid and it seems its true. This is the reply I received.
    This is the exact same pass as the one listed for $29.95 it was the special price just for the weekend. If you have any other questions or concerns please let us know.

    Thank you ,

    Customer Service

  3. YES, THE DEAL WAS REAL!!!!!!!! I am SO EXCITED!!!!!! Thanks for posting your email reply. I've been checking numerous websites trying to confirm the validity of the deal.

    @Jamie, a friend of mine emailed me the link. She got it from someone else which is why I was worried it wasn't legit. Looks like it was! I'll post it again if I hear of one. The cheapest I've seen (other then this deal) is $19.99 around Christmas time.

    The current deal is $29.94 for the POAP with a $20 City Deals Credit. So if you will use the credit, that's still a great deal. (Credit can not be rolled over to new POAP)

  4. Thanks - great deal!!!

  5. Thanks so much for letting us know about this amazing deal! I got mine in the mail today, what a huge savings.


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