Friday, May 13, 2011

Rent before you buy, Recreation Vehicles

 Myself towing my son on a kneeboard last summer.  We rented the Jet Ski and borrowed the board and rope from friends.

What are your plans this summer?  Are you day dreaming about owning some type of recreational vehicle?  Say a trailer, motorhome, 4 wheeler, Jet Ski's or a boat?

I've stated before that I grew up with a boat and motor home.  I always thought I would own one (or both) when I had my own family.  Taking into account the purchase price, depreciation, registration, maintenance, actual usage, insurance and gas it is just not feasible for us.  Then we would have to store any "toys" we had on our .25 acre lot or pay for it to be stored at a storage facility.  Sad news for me. But I found a light at the end of this

Let someone else purchase, license, register, store and maintain the recreation vehicles.  Then you pull up, give them some money, fill out a few papers and drive off to go have some fun!

Craig's List (or KSL here in UT) are great places to check.  Last year I rented 2 Jet Ski's from a local guy for $150 total for both for a 1 1/2 days with everything including life jackets.  Everything worked out great and it was a wonderful rental experience. Pop-up trailers rent for $35-$65 a day and a boat with all accessories for $150 a day.  I've also rented 4 wheelers in the past and had no problems.

*One tip for renting is to rent near your destination.  That means you have less distance to tow your vehicle there and back. (If you are renting a camper, this might not work as you would have to stock it before you left.)

I am very grateful we rented the Jet Ski's instead of just purchasing some.  They were really fun, and we are planning on doing it again this year. But I realized if we ever did purchase any type of watercraft, I would want a boat.  (for numerous reasons.  Email me if you want to know what they are)

This year I think a pop-up trailer would be fun, easy to store and fairly inexpensive for our family.  But having learned my lesson with the Jet Ski's I would like to take a "test run" with a rental before I think about purchasing one.

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