Friday, May 27, 2011

Utah Readers: Cowabunga Bay Season Passes 50% off

Screamin' Daily Deals has Cowabunga Bay passes for 50% off.  The all day price is $21.99 so you can get a season pass for $53.50 through Screamin' Daily Deals!

I've been here twice this year already.  The lazy river is about 3 feet deep, there is a kiddie pool that is a zero entry pool that goes to 3 feet deep.  All the slides end in a catch basin at the end of the slide, there is no pool at the bottom of any of the slides.  So your little ones will be fine going down by themselves, no reason to "catch" them at the end.  (which makes me wonder what the lower right picture above is of because there was NO slide like that anywhere in the park. ~strange)  There is also a huge splash area to play in under the slides.

It's a fun park and VERY little kid friendly due to the shallow water and catch basins at the end of the slides.  You can see slide height requirements and other park info HERE.  My boys are 11,8 and 5 and they had a great time at this park. 
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