Wednesday, June 29, 2011

End of the month Smiths Rewards and coupons

It's the end of the month, time for a little house keeping:

This quarter of the Smith's (Kroeger) Rewards program ends June 30 (Thursday).
That means you have 2 options:
  1. Use your fuel rewards by Thursday.  Any unused points will be converted to the rebate check they send you in the mail.
  2. or, don't use your fuel rewards and you will be automatically opted into receiving the cash back check in the form of "Smith's money"
By the numbers, the fuel rewards is the better deal by far.  Here is an example:

with 1,000 points you can get $1 off per gallon up to a max of 35 gallons. = $35 savings
1,000 points will get you a rebate check sent for 10% of that value, or $10.

with 500 points you can get .50 off per gallon, max of 35 gallons = $17.50
500 points will get you a rebate check of $5.
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