Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Home Depot FREE Kids-made Fathers day workshop

The first Saturday of every month Home Deopt has a Kids Workshop.  They are doing a special "Father's day workshop" this Saturday.
  • Your child will recieve a free orange Home Depot apron, goggles and tool box kit to put together with all parts and nails. 
  • When you get there Home Depot will have tables set up with hammers and wood glue so your kids can build their project.  
  • After they have finished their project, you can show the Home Depot employee over the workshop and your child will get a pin to put on their apron.  Each project has it's own pin.  My boys' aprons are full of pins because we participate in this all the time.
This really is a great workshop for kids....and it's free.  Can't beat that!

It looks like this project is painted, but often the projects are unfinished.  My boys love to go home and paint their pieces after they have made them.

(Thanks Mamas Spot)
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  1. Is a 2 year old to young for this?

  2. They recommend age 5. I've seen parents bring kids younger then 5. You would be making it for them if you took a 2 year old.


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