Wednesday, June 8, 2011

TravelZoo Deals

If you like to travel, I suggest you sign up for the Travelzoo e-newsletter.  About once a week they email you the best vacation deals available.  Recently I bought round trip airfare from SLC to West Palm Beach Florida for $69 each way!  Normal roundtrip airfare is about $400 each, I bought RT airfare for $140 each!

I just got the most recent email and they have deals to Prague (I've been to Prague, it's AMAZING), Ireland, Cancun hotels in Waikiki and more.

Here are a few I think are great deals:
$89 hotel near Disneyland PLUS breakfast
SLC to Miami for $97 one way on weekends (not as good as I was able to get, but still good)
$169 4 night Caribbean Cruise + $25 gas card
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