Monday, June 13, 2011

Things don't always go the way you planned.....

After Love Sweet Love linked up these beautiful decorative balls, I knew I had to make me some.

I found this glass canister at Ross for $7.99.

I bought some Styrofoam balls, gathered the different types of beans, my trusty hot glue gun and got to work.

It took me about 2 hours to finish all 3 of them.  I wasn't keeping track of time because I knew it would be a looong process.

I finished my decorative "bean balls" and I was so happy with the results!
I couldn't wait to put them in my class vase.....

I didn't account for the size of the beans after they were glued on the balls!  The balls alone fit perfectly, but then when you add the bean they are too big.   DANG IT!!!

So now my options are:
  1. Make new bean balls, just smaller (so it should take less time)
  2. Display the giant bean balls in some type of bowl and return the vase.
  3. Display the balls in a bowl, keep the vase and think of something else to do with it.
  4. Find a bigger vase (which means more $$)
What would you do? I'm leaning toward #1 or #3.......any ideas?  

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  1. Oh no Michelle, I'm so sorry! They did turn out AWESOME though! I feel bad, like I should have said how big they were so you could have planned for it. I think they look great in a bowl (I have them in that bowl on my kitchen table) so I vote for option number 3-you can ALWAYS find a use for a tall pretty vase! I'm so happy you made some!!! I'm excited to hear/see how you do display them!

  2. Don't make new ones- you worked so hard and they look good! I think #3 is the best option- they look great in that bowl! You did a great job!

  3. I didn't think about the size being bigger with the beans, it's my bad. I like the picture of Angela's bean balls in the bowl too, I think that's what I'll end up doing. I just need to find a nice bowl now! I also didn't have the patients to glue all those split peas on my ball one at a time. I covered a section with hot glue and then pressed it into a pile of split peas. It ended up being a little spiky, kind of fun though.

  4. I think they look beautiful in the bowl actually! Love the colours! So I vote for option 3 :) I want to give this a try myself!

    K :)

  5. #2 - are you trying to waste money? :-) They look great in the bowl anyway.

  6. I think there is more visual interest with the balls being placed in the bowl. Sometimes, a mistake results in a better outcome! I would have burned myself a hundred times while using hot glue and pressing those beans into the balls! :-)

  7. First have a really good laugh.
    Then return the vase. Look around your house for any container you'd like to use - wood or glass both sound good. No plastic. Use them under a cloche? Stick a needle through and string them to hang... or even add cuphooks.

    They do look wonderful.

  8. Hey Michelle, just wanted to let you know I featured these on my blog today! I'm so happy you made them!


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