Saturday, July 2, 2011

Daily Rantings by Michelle

I can't believe June is already over! ~poof!, gone....crazy. :(

I've been waiting for 2 books I have on hold at my local library for about 2 weeks now. Found out yesterday they are both overdue. grrrrrr.  Dear people that have books I am waiting to read.....HURRY UP!  I've been (not so) patiently waiting, please turn your book in.  Thank you. :)
So while I'm waiting to get those books and frying in the glorious UT summer heat (yep, we have the "greatest snow on earth", but we are still a desert.  Mid 90's all next week and dry as a bone)....I've got a few projects up my sleeve.  So next week you should see a few newbies from me...unless I melt outside in an attempt to paint something.  Seriously thinking of trying the "fry an egg on the asphalt" thing.  Maybe you will see a post about that! ha ha

I had enough foresight to schedule boys #2 & 3 for day camp at the local rec center the week boy #1 is at camp for the entire week.....what to do, what to do! :)  I'm kind of excited to have some "me time".  I've already decided cleaning and grocery shopping are not on the list.  HA HA
What would you do with a few hours to yourself? (besides read because you are patiently waiting for  the 2 books you want to read)
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  1. It can really be irritating when you have a book on hold and it ends up being overdue.I had a few books on hold where that happened - even one where the book was "lost". I love the library - I live only a block away from mine. I hope you have better luck!

  2. Any time my boys go to the grandparents for 3 or 4 days I plan a few things. Yes, I always deep clean on the first day - often cleaning carpets and windows. After that, I try to find time to scrapbook at least one full day, maybe go to the mall/target/Micheals so I can just wonder without worry about diapers, who is hungry and who needs a drink. My husband and I have at least one date . . .and we eat out a lot because, well, we can!!! Enjoy your "me time"!!

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