Monday, July 25, 2011

Eating out while on vacation......

We were at a family reunion at a lake this weekend. (Bear Lake for all you locals) We had to find lunch while we were up there and the closest "burger joint" had hamburgers for $5 each. With my family of 5, that meant a minimum of $25 for burgers alone! Here's what we did instead....

We headed to the gas station across the street. There we found the following:
  • Loaf of Wonder Bread $3.50
  • Oscar Meyer Turkey lunch meat $5.50
  • 4 String Cheese packages $2.00
  • 1 bag of ice for the cooler $2.00
  • Cheese & Peanut butter crackers $0.50
Total Cost: $13.50

We took the bread back to the camp site and had sandwiches with chips and soda that we brought with us. We stopped later that night at a shake shoppe and got "Famous Raspberry Shakes" with the money we saved from lunch.

It pays to think "outside the box" when you are eating on vacation.
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  1. I absolutely agree! Something my husband and I do is eat brunch mid morning and then dinner, so we're only paying for two meals!


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