Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Rental Car Deals

As you may know, we are planning a vacation to Florida soon.  YAY!! I've never been to Florida.  After looking up admission to all the theme parks, we have decided this will be a "beach, Keys and Everglade" vacation. (That's the Thrifty side of me shining through) ☺

Because we plan to do so much driving, we are in need of a rental car for the week.  I've stated before that I always start my searches with Kayak.  After looking at Kayak's rental car page and then searching some of the sites by themselves I thought I had the best rates I was going to be able to find.....then I thought outside the box.
Costco offers discounts on car rentals if you are a member.  I did not know this.  We actually found that this was the cheapest way to go for the location and dates we needed.

Another "hidden" place I found deals was at my auto insurance agency (Allstate).  Check the back of your statements for discounts.  I'm sure if you called and asked them they could tell you what deals they have with whom.

Here's another "heads up" for you.  Last year we went to Hawaii and our rental car was broken into.  Of course they charged an arm and a leg to repair it and after we got home and talked with the rental company about payment he informed us that the American Express credit card account that we used to pay for the rental will cover "Damages due by the renter in the event of theft" which I think was $250 worth of damages to the rental company even though we did not pay for the insurance at the rental agency! 
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