Thursday, July 21, 2011

Scentsy Giveaway, 4 Winners!!

Reminder: This giveaway ends tonight! Good luck everyone! :)
I recently decided to become a Scentsy Consultant. I've wanted to purchase some scented wax bars but I never know what scents I will like. So by being a consultant I have access to the scents and access to the consultant discount. :) (there's always a method to my maddness) ;)

Because I am brand new at this, and because I'm not familiar with their hundreds of scents.....I thought this was a great time to do a giveaway! (any excuse right?) ;)

So, I'm going to giveaway a Scentsy bar to 4 lucky winners. Each winner will get to pick their own scent and I will order it and mail it to you.

Right now Scentsy has previously "retired" scents available until the end of July. So be sure to check out those scents now because you probably won't see them again. They also have a super cute cupcake warmer on sale for July.

I have added a link in the right column for my Scentsy page if you need/want to order anything. And you can click HERE to visit my Facebook Scentsy page.

Click HERE to visit my consultant page and pick out a scent that you think you would like
and enter the your selection in the form below to enter!

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  1. Hi the form above would only let me do one extra entry at a I am doing those separately
    on form not sure how u want to count entries ? thanks

  2. Thanks Julie, I just fixed it and gave you credit for all your entries.

  3. Here is verification for my entries if you need them!


    FB share:

    I am Ashley Neale on facebook. Katishma on twitter.

    And there wasnt a link to the scentsy FB page, so I assume you meant the actual scentsy company page on there, and I am a fan of their page.

  4. Oh, and Charleene is my GFC name.

  5. entered :)
    gfc onelittlemom
    re-tweeted this tweet as @Arianah_00:!/Thrifty101/status/90449807910510592

    Twitter follower as @Arianah_00

    -Arianah Watts

  6. Entered as Rachel D.
    Follow on GFC as sweetpea08
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    My Twitter ID is @alittleumbrella


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