Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Collapsible water bottles 1/$5 or 4/$14

I redeemed my voucher and a day later I got a "shipped" status.  It's been 3 weeks and my order has not arrived.  I called their customer service and got a generic answering service.  I've sent emails to the water bottle company and have heard nothing.  I then Googled this company and "review" and found numerous complaints about fraud and items not delivered.  I then called Save More and they instantly credited my account.  Too bad the water bottle company wasn't legit.  SaveMore.com really stepped up though.  I think they might have gotten quite a few complaints about this company because it was no problem to cancel my order.

I saw this deal yesterday and didn't think much of it. Then my husband came home and asked if I bought us the deal on the Collapsible 15 oz water bottles at Savemore.com.

After talking to him about it, here's why we decided to purchase a set of 4:
  1. They are easy to take into events empty, rolled up and stuffed in your pocket.
  2. They are great for hiking because once they are empty they take up little room and they have a sturdy hook attached to each one to hang off backpacks. (great for my boyscout)
  3. They hold 15 ounces each
  4. They were only $14 for 4 bottles and are great add-on gifts if we choose not to use them for ourselves
The link is on the right margin of the page I linked to.
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