Tuesday, August 2, 2011

I broke one of my own rules......

We are packing for our trip to Florida and I broke one of my own rules.  My #1 rule for traveling is DON'T CHECK LUGGAGE.  We almost never check luggage.  My husband and I went backpacking through Europe for 2 weeks with only carryon luggage.   We have 5 people going which means a minimum of 5 carry on bags.  We should be fine right?  Why would I need to check a bag?  I'll tell you why I broke my own rule:
We like to snorkel....a lot.  So much so that we have our own equipment for 5 of us, and an inflatable raft with a window for my 5 year old.

I know what you are thinking,  "Can't you just rent that stuff there and save money on the checked luggage?"  The answer is yes....and no.  We could rent them there, for lets say $10 a set for the week. (I would guess it's more like $20, but lets say I find a good deal)  So right there we would pay $50 for equipment for the 4 of us and my youngest would not have his raft. (which was the best purchase EVER, BTW)  The cost of checking a bag is $25, so we end up saving 50% by bringing our own equipment and we get to bring the raft and the 3 life jackets too. Plus we don't have to worry about returning and/or losing the rentals.

So I am breaking my own rule, but rules are meant to be broken right? ha ha  Especially if you can save some money in the process! :)  I'm just praying I don't have to follow this post up with a "Ya, they lost our checked bag" post and eat my words for breaking my own rule.  Wish us luck! :)
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  1. good luck and have fun. I know someone who used to ship his stuff before he flew.

  2. Hey Michelle, do you really never check bags? Where do you put all your souvenirs when you return home? They can't possibly fit in your carryons too!


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