Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Utah: Thanksgiving Point $2 Buck Tuesdays in August

Utah Readers:
Thanksgiving Point is starting their $2 Buck Tuesdays TODAY and every Tuesday in August.

Usually the $2 Buck Tuesdays are WAAAAY crowded.  Since this is the first one, if you are thinking of doing the $2 Buck Tuesdays at all this month, I would suggest going TODAY before the word gets out.



Trilobite Treasures

$2 for the first hour of digging on Tuesdays at Trilobite Treasures. Dig it.


iWorlds Space Center

$2 Tuesdays at iWorlds. Buy one seat and bring a friend for $2. Advance reservations are required. Call 801.768.2300. ~my boys did this with the living social deal and LOVED it!


$2 Kettle Corn at the Emporium every Tuesday

Cooking Class

$2 cooking class. Register for any Emporium Cooking class in August and pay just $2 to bring a friend. Call 801.768.2300 to register.
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